We are a reliable and future-oriented German Trading partner who operates internationally. In addition to the core competencies of medical products and hygiene products. The company also develops smart, innovative products that arouse consumer desires.


pvh GmbH works with a team of experienced development, marketing and sales specialists who specialize in the import, sales and service of medical protective equipment and hygiene articles
and other technical focus. Here we mainly concentrate on the project business.

To implement the projects a separate organization in the Far East is available which is responsible for the development, sourcing, processing and quality assurance. Therefore a smooth process according to individual customer requirements can be ensured.


pvh GmbH specializes in the procurement of products desired by customers and is available to advise you as a partner. We are regarded as a contemporary and reliable trading partner in both customer and supplier circles.
Long-term business relationships with the leading retail chains in German-speaking countries have strengthened the connections, not only because of the numerous projects that have been carried out, but also because of mutual trust and reliability. We also have an international network to the purchasing markets in the Far East and thus to high-performance manufacturers for our product portfolio.


We are aware that a high level of satisfaction is possible only through an efficient after sales service. We ensure this through an international and affiliated service organization with multiple locations.

Short lead times

Efficient logistics

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Large selection of medical protective equipment and rapid tests to combat COVID19:

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pvh GmbH

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